Honda Creatives

After seeing the Hanging Cars post, a friend reminded me of a Honda advertisement (indeed, one of the greatest ever produced!). The components that made up a Honda lined up in an interesting array of domino effects – and apparently there were no visual tricks (like CG). The director was adamant that the whole thing be real, and they actually did the thing over and over again so that every part is perfect.


Another great, but perhaps a little less well-known Honda Ad, is the Choral Honda Ad for the launch of Honda Civic in the UK. The idea was to find out how driving a Honda sounds like – from the moment the engine is ignited, to how the windshield viper rubs against the glass; drops of rain hitting the car roof; autumn leaves crumpling as the wheel rolls over…etc. And then, to emulate this with the human voice through choir. Simply fascinating if you ask me.

The Honda Civic UK Choral Ad:

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