Cubrick: Stackable Storage


Cubrick is a stackable storage system that doubles up as a trolley when you need to move them around. This, to a person who’s been packing and moving around hostel rooms every once a year or so, is heaven-sent. Combining two different objects in one stroke, where both the design language and the usage-compatibility are apt and spot on.

Some (especially electronic firms) seem to think that having more features is a good thing. Well, some times it is, but much more often we see a mismatch of interface, function ala “USB-alarm-clock-radio-mp3-40functions-all-in-one”, unexplainable and confusing array of buttons not withstanding.

We must always maintain the clarity and focus especially when combining features with variable requirement into one product. One way I use is to cover up the other feature and see if the design is still pleasing/logical. For the example above, the product still look good if e.g. it is not a trolley and functions only as a storage box, and vice versa.

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