Call Blocker


While I’d stop short of calling it a disgrace to logic and design, this device purports to shield you from evil salesmen and telemarketers by announcing this message to all incoming calls:

“You have reached CallBlocker™ and not an answering machine. All commercial sales calls and fund raising requests are not accepted, place this number on your do not call list. Personal and invited callers press 5 on your touch phone to proceed.”

Right. That REALLY makes sense huh?

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One Response to Call Blocker

  1. Steve says:

    This actually works – VERY well, in my experience.

    Firstly, most call centres use automated dialling systems so the salesman simply has no way to “Press 5”.

    Secondly, by ignoring this message any salesman or uninvited caller is actually breaking UK law by pressing 5 and can be reported.

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