COOL (Environmentally Friendly) Bikes

These days, going green quite often implies going cool. This is also true for bike designs.



Instead of gasoline, this ENVBike uses hydrogen as its power source. Usually, “green” vehicles are associated with low power and not much fun. The ENV is not stellar in engine performance (it goes 0-50 mph in twelve seconds and its top speed is 50 mph.). It does look powerful though.

The second photois the power source of the ENV. It houses the fuel cell generator. It is removable/detachable and could be used as a separate power source. The intricate engravings on the housing display its status as a beautiful object in itself, showing off  hydrogen technology’s cleanliness.

While we’re looking at fuel cell bikes, we might as well look at the ones   from Yamaha too (from quite a while back):





Yamaha Passol, Yamaha Divide, Yamaha Pocke, Yamaha FC06.

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