Visionaire is almost like a style magazine, and yet not quite. Published 3 times a year, each issue follows a central theme like “Smell”, “Toys”, Uncensored”, “Taste” etc., and each issue is unique. Unique because the physical look/feel of each issue is different according to the theme. For example, the issue shown above is “Light”. In order to capture the feel of the theme, it is made of 24 large format transparencies contained in the sleek black light-box, lit by paper thin filament. See the issues in their website – even though it’s just selected pages off each issue, I think you’d like it!

Of course, such indulgent luxury and pursue of detail comes at a price – annual subscription comes to the tune of $675 (yes, for 3 issues), though you’d get the assurance that you’d get your individually numbered edition (as they only publish a few thousand for each). Someone actually paid $32,000 to collect issues 1-49.

I think Visionaire is not so much “published” as it is curated. Established artists, designers, photographers and art directors have all propped in, and from the website, it really does impress as a collection of extremely high quality images and experiences.

I’d really like to get my hands on them – so bluff/wring your design managers  into this worthy subscription, and let me know! Meanwhile, I guess I’d just have to stick to Colors.


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