Concrete Pipe Hotel


I have fond memories of my primary school, where abandoned concrete pipes like these would lie around in the field. We would climb onto them, in them, skip around them, hide in them. The thick, solid pipe seemed like an impregnable fortress – while we shared jokes and secrets within the echo-y walls. Perhaps the designer went to a similar school too!

This is a ho(s?)tel in Austria, designed by art college graduate Andreas Strauss. Organized into clusters of threes, they nestle in green fields beside the Danube River. Facilities like shower, bar and cafeteria are in a central location. The hotel currently works on an honor system – you leave behind however much you think is fair for the duration of your stay.

Now I”m just wondering – is there a little big plug that’d cap the sky-hole should there be rain?


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  1. Jack says:

    How much do these cost?

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