Flybook VM


This is quite an interesting innovation for a laptop – having an extendable screen that helps lift the screen to a more proper viewing and reading height. It’s also considerably more expensive (USD2878+) than the typical laptops – I guess the hinge and mechanism is worth paying for if you’re constantly getting neck strains from peering at your typical laptop screens.

What does intrigue me is the size of this thing. From the pictures, I was thinking that this laptop might be a 15 or 17 inch model – and this feature would make it ideal for a portable, flexible workstation – having the portability of the laptop while incorporating the desktop power. A closer look at the specs reveals that it is only a 12.1″ screen – a small portable that doesn’t measure up as a proper desktop replacement (not to mention it’s either measly specs, like the 30GB hard disk drive).

If you’re still interested it does not appear to be available any longer!

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