Last Daily Foxtrot


I have taken a particular liking for Foxtrot comics by Bill Amend (which started to appear on the newspaper just a few years ago) – it has precisely blend of humor and geekness – you may not understand some of his strips if you are insulated from online happenings – for example, you might not get World of Warquest. Some of the references in the strip are also slightly obscure – but it’s truly a great feeling to get the “AHA” moment as he parodies some events in the strips, when it seemed like being able to understand the references from his strip meant you’re perhaps more tuned than the rest.

The one above for example – you’d have to understand the context of the strip.  This is the last daily strip to appear on newspapers (I cut only the last two of the three frames to fit into this blog) –  he would switch to drawing only on weekends from now on. I guess 19 years of daily humor does take its toll. And the character’s conversation were simply a final tribute to his fans and readers. And if you didn’t know what “fourth wall” means, you might not get it completely either.

So, this is a tribute to Bill and Foxtrot – the strip will appear only on weekends – and that perhaps would again reduce the incentive to drop my eighty cents for a daily newspaper on the other days.

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