Anna Gram – “Ceramic for Mix”


The name of this object  “Ceramic for Mix” doesn’t quite exactly illuminate its function, though it certainly hints at it. At first look I didn’t get what was it – but after I do, I liked the slightly-whimsical but interesting execution:

The ball is put into a glass built with special shapes. Then we have to pour some infused tea into it for example: the liquid pushes the ball, and invites users to move it by moving the glass. The ceramic ball comes to mix all various sugars, ringing the glass at the same time. When we drink, this ball is blocked by the gravity in the recess of the glass, moreover than its shape is too big to be ingested.

Ah, so that’s what the doughnut at the base is for! While I accept the fact that gravity would trap the ceramic ball rather than to flow into your throat, I wonder about the “ring tone” with the ball. The ball is sunk in the liquid loop – probably rather heavy – would it be able to drift around the glass and make those clanking sounds that we’ve come to associate with merrymaking?

[from Anna Gram]

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