Linguine Cooker


When I saw this over at Gizmodo, my mind went – “Finally someone has decided to make this!”. Not that I’d buy it even if it is reasonably priced – though every time I try to cook linguine (linguine is the type of pasta that is long and thin – like the ones in the picture), I’d always think to myself – “Someday, I should design a pasta cooker where you didn’t have to put one end of the pasta into hot water and you wait impatiently for it to soften to twist the rest of the pasta within my small-ish pot. “

Imagine my disappointment when I realized that it was not exactly a pasta cooker.  It’s more like a hot water flask, and has no powered heating element within the unit. That really brings pasta cooking into the kingdom of ultra-budget instant-noodle cooking or something.

Maybe I should still design the pasta cooker after all. With an easy-serving measuring feature included. And yes, with its own heater.

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