What’s Special About this Number?

A mathematical fanatic, a certain Professor Friedman, either had too much time on his hand, or perhaps he was actually tenured to do this – anyway, he has created a list explaining what is special about the numbers from 1 – 9999, just so you’d know that 31 is a Mersenne Prime, and that 143 is the smallest quasi-Carmichael number in base 8, or that 9862 is the number of Knight’s Tours on a 6×6 chessboard.

If the properties of each number doesn’t fascinate you, well, maybe the sheer effort to find out what’s special about each of the 9999 numbers would, like how teachers would tell each kid that they’re special (what happens when everyone’s special?) Though there are definitely plain kids too – when even teachers fail to distinguish any special talent or ability in the child – as is the case for numbers like 8930 – 8939.

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