Papipo – the Kid’s Cell Phone


Papipo is a cellphone designed for the kids market – developed jointly by Willcom (phone company) and Bandai. The product design itself is pretty run-of-the-mill – a simple, easily customizable phone for all your Hello-Kitty and Manga upgrading needs.

It’s one of the games inside that got my attention. This phone features a “coloring-the-picture” type of game – those typical ones where each segment is denoted by a particular number – the difference though, lies in the way the colors are chosen. Instead of coming off a standard software palette, the kid would have to take a photo of something that has that color (pretty similar to another very interesting concept, the IO Brush).

Now isn’t that a whole lot more exciting – searching high and low in school and the house hunting the right shade for your Power Ranger Megazord!

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