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Creativity finds itself in the smallest and most mundane details!

Wonderfully creative works by a small Japanese company called Design Barcode – whose name probably implies that they’re definitely very specialized in giving barcodes a facelift, as demonstrated by their works above. And it was no wonder that they grabbed the Cannes Titanium Lion Award (the only ad campaign to do so), which is given to firms  to recognize work that broke through traditional awards category boundaries and represented creative innovation.

I guess Design Barcode is having a rolling good time now, especially since they’ve trademarked this proprietary method of advertising (and have since licensed the rights worldwide). From the juries in the competition:

“Our industry has banged on about ideas being important and about intellectual property issues for some time,” said juror Craig Davis, worldwide creative director of JWT. “This idea is trademarked, it’s proprietary, it speaks to many of the issues we’ve been talking about.”

Scott Goodson, creative director at Strawberry Frog, said the winner represented “an agency owning something that brands around the world will pay for.”

[Design Barcode]

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