Desktopography is a website that has a collection of desktop wallpapers:

Desktopography is an exhibition, a showcase of nature themed desktop wallpapers created by designers worldwide.

Designers spend around 90% of their waking life in front of a computer so the most appealing genre for a wallpaper would be one that has beautiful design mixed with the all important aspect of being outdoors. This year we present over 40 new desktop wallpapers for you to display and enjoy.

They do have some really beautiful, high resolution pictures. Some of which perhaps are not quite suitable as desktop as much as just beautiful scenes to look at (I can’t use desktop backgrounds that are too distracting for me to find my icons). What I like most, however, about this website, is their title. A word that succinctly and elegantly summarizes their page: Desktop, photography, topography, all in one word. Whee!

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