Spatial Visualization Game


I remember a few years ago, in the admission aptitude test for the industrial design course, there were questions that tested our spatial visualization abilities. A few 3D perspective views of some blocks were given, and we were supposed to construct the top, front and side views. I didn’t remember it being too much of a challenge then.

This game is slightly different – instead of giving you the 3d perspective to construct the elevation views, it does the reverse – and requires you to construct the blocks in 3D instead, with an additional requirement in terms of the total number of cubes used (as little as possible).

There are a total of 10 puzzles (figuur 1 to 10). A green dot beside the puzzle name indicates that the 3 views are correct, but the number of cubes are not. The goal is to achieve the yellow dot. Try it!

[PS: if you want to make it more challenging, try not to use the “Fill up” button!]


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