Interview with Aston Martin Design Director


I stumbled across a rather old (dating all the way back to 2005), but still illuminating interview between and Aston Martin’s Design Director, Henrik Fisker. It’s three pages long, in which he talked quite extensively about the development process of the Aston Martin V8, as well as some other car-design topics, such as his personal favorites, goals and, well, cars in general.

“As soon as you curve a line, you lay that line over a surface, which is curving in another direction, and that line and that surface have to look good from any view when you walk around it. Once you’ve got that, that line will end somewhere, and then what you just designed at the back doesn’t line up with that now, and you have to redesign that to make it line up. There are all these aspects of the sculpture, the graphics, and the actual lines in the car. And then there are the overall proportions. There are so many things that have to come together. And that is why you can do a drawing that looks really good…you can’t turn a drawing around. You draw the perspective, which is one view – which you can make work, as a designer, it is your view – but what you don’t know is what happens when you turn this. That’s when you see it in the three dimensions.”

Anyone going “Ah! That’s exactly what I feel”?

The interview is in three parts: Part1, Part2, Part3

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