World of Visacraft


While you’re unlikely to swipe the card for a Blade of Hanna in real life, these World of Warcraft Visa cards are as real, physical and plastic as they get. There are a total of 13 designs to choose from – each with a character type from the online game – so you could display your hardcore gaming creds whether online or off:

“So ‘Sup, what do you want?”
“Hi, I’d like to get one of these, charge it to my WOW Visa.”
“Thy will be done, o Level 70 Draenei Paladin. I am honored by the kind blessing and patronage you have brought to our humble town.”


With a credit card that is so heavily branded by a single entity (an online game, even), one would thus expect some tremendous incentive specifically for WOW players, especially with the slogan “The card that pays you to play”. On the contrary, the rewards for usage is really crappy though. Aside from the 1-month free WOW subscription upon card activation (which is at least decent), you only earn game time at 1% of every dollar charged – which means, you need to spend $1500 to get a month of free gaming. In another perspective, you can buy 100 months of game time to get 1 month’s free.

WOW! indeed.

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