Baby Carrots aren’t “baby” Carrots


Some of you might be laughing at me for this – but I’d be the first to admit – I didn’t know baby carrots weren’t baby carrots. I always thought they were either carrots that were harvested early, or a species of carrot that were genetically meant to be that small. So, if you’re like me and have no idea where does baby carrots come from, read on:

Baby carrots are not young carrots, but rather small pieces of carrots that are chopped and whittled down to look like small carrots. They are peeled, and washed, and insanely convenient.

Ah – baby carrots come from real, normal carrots! Those carrots that are too knobby, twisted, ugly to be sold as normal carrots were cut down to form this much more pleasant looking – dare I say cute and adorable – baby carrots (what a perfectly-coined marketing term to erase any notions of its more imperfect, less-innocent past!).

Which made me think: some of the more packaged/refined foods are also derived from these less-appealing (appearance-wise) foods – think of all the juices, potato chips, wedges, etc. – since they’re relieved of the burden to look pretty in their natural states, they are able to carry on a new identity powered through by packaging and marketing. And a whole lot more expensive than the original ones too (baby carrots usually sell for maybe 3-5 times more expensive than standard ones).

Moral of the story: don’t look at just the appearance. Recognize the inner potential, and groom it to its fullest!


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