Desperation Drives Design


Law circumvention and persecution have always been opposing nemesis that feed off each other. As we move into the high-tech world, methods for cheating in exams have also evolved beyond scribbles in the palm. A seller of cheating aids in China was recently busted as an undercover agent pretended to be interested in the newest “cheating shoes”. Touted to be able to bypass the signal detector/jammer that is employed by test centers to deter ordinary cheating electronics, these shoes go for RMB2000 a set, as they are claimed to transmit encrypted exam results through a high-level bandwidth.

How it works: someone would read off the answers for the major examinations and these answers would be relayed to the shoe and then to the tiny earpiece. How would they know the answers in the first place? Leaked examination papers, of course (these go for RMB20,000 though).

[Link (Chinese website)]

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