Eat, Drink and be Famous


If fame is your game and you’re okay with karaoke, SpotLightLive might just be the venue for you. Tapping on the success of talent-search shows such as American Idols, this restaurant has a stage that is fully tricked out in terms of atmosphere, lighting etc. to make you feel like a real star. But they go beyond the standard “a-stage-in-a-restaurant” formula:

Following in the footsteps of today’s hottest stars, sing on stage accompanied by professional backup singers and dancers. At Spotlight Live you can cut a hit record in private recording booths and perform “on Broadway” while having it all broadcast to the world online, and live in Times Square on the Spotlight Live Jumbo Tron. Diners can even vote on their favorite performance, instant message other tables, and post comments online using touch-screens at each table.

Update, SpotlightLive is closed for business.

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