Paul Potts – Britain Got Talent

The last thing I thought I’d ever be interested in on the planet is opera (the art, not the browser). But Paul Potts, the winner of the talent show Britain’s Got Talent enchanted me – somewhere between his earnest delivery and incredibly emotional singing voice, I think he captured the dreams and imagination of the millions who voted for him, and many more (like myself).

He’s a mobile phone salesman – looking nerdy, with the missing front tooth – these definitely doesn’t make the best first impressions for a talent contest. When he starts singing, you might go “oh well at least he’s not bad”. But when the tune turns into some of the most expressive parts of the song, my hair stood – and it’s just a great feeling looking at how he has remained humble and deeply appreciative of his talents and the support he’s got, and if you look through some of the clips, seeing him grow in confidence in himself.

This is definitely a great, welcome break from the typical talent shows whose sole ethos seem to be superficial glamor – this competition truly brought out a winner who’s talented, and definitely inspiring. Bravo!


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