Nokia 7500 Prism


Nokia has launched the 7500 Prism model in China, positioned as a fashion phone with a very unique keypad composed of diamond-shapes (alright, if you are that particular, diamond shape from triangles). It’s certainly a fresh approach to the standard keypad – some blog sites have been calling it fugly, but I actually quite like it. Not sure about the actual product/finishing, but from the glam shot, it gives a rather sculptural quality to an otherwise ordinary handphone.

I’m not sure where the designers got their ideas from – I’ve just put together some images that could’ve been the inspirations – clockwise from left: the Prada store in Tokyo designed by Herzog & de Meuron, a classic ladies Chanel handbag, and the Bank of China in Hong Kong. Or maybe… since this positioned as a fashion phone presumably targeted primarily at girls, it just stems from the old adage “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”?


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