Sustainable Dance Club?

This really smells like greenwashing to me, but for what it’s worth here’s the story: the movements of the clubbers and dancers on the floor are harnessed as electricity by the floor (loaded with springs and such?) – the electricity garnered are used to power itself (the music, the lights, etc).

I am deeply skeptical about this – given the exorbitant amounts of energy that these hundred-decibel, bass-thumping, strobe-flicking, juice-guzzling contraptions uses in any typical day, versus the actual amount of electricity that can be harnessed: it just doesn’t seem logical at all.

And yet it seems that these are some of the most visible or publicized ways to achieve the green agenda – massive undertakings (think of the installations and how much extra energy/resources are required to produce them) with questionable actual effect: my take is, everyone just want to feel good that they’re doing something. Whether it’s really green, well – that may not be so important after all.

[The Dance Club]

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