Eva Solo Smiley


That’s the Eva Solo Smiley, designed by the Danish duo Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk. At first look it reminded me of the humidifier designed by Naoto Fukasawa – another organic, glossy and rounded addition to the home lifestyle product. After taking a closer look at it, however, I got more impressed – it is certainly well-conceived and designed.

Instead of plastic, it is made of several layers of mouth-blown glass layers – that would add a touch of class and elegance in the midst of deeply IKEA-fied lifestyle products. The edge has a cut to on the side that adds much to its functionality: the perfect receptacle for snack wastes like pistachio shells or food wrappings. But it doesn’t stop there – it also leaves a positive feel-good ‘smiley’ on the product – what a way to do all these in literally one stroke!

Great stuff!

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