Trash Art with Shadows


Some people’s art is other’s trash. In this case, however, the trash is the art. Artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster have some great pieces (literally, pieces) of work that at first sight looks simply like trash that does not belong at all in an art museum. When the spot light is turned on however, a totally different paradigm is unveiled in the shadows on the wall. Magnificent!

Diverted by money, property and prestige it is easy to avert our gaze from the vapid bankruptcy and wasted by products of the consumer cultural dream. In a post radicalized world of ambivalence where consumption and oblivion seem the order of the day Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s collaborations “literally” shine a light upon the untouchable residue of conspicuous consumption. With an unpretentious touch of desperate glamour and self deprecating humor they have transformed the gaze upon heaps of trash and side show ephemera generating a playful and contemplative allegorical space in which to consider the consequences of our choices and a hopeful humorous glimmer of the future.

That was a pretty dense paragraph – I’m sure the work speaks for itself and can floor many people indeed. It really makes you see things in a different light, doesn’t it?

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