Art – Daydream of the Faceless Worker


“The piece is called Daydream of the faceless worker. It is about 6×14 meters and made up of 4000 post-it notes. I wrote poetry on about 400. They had told me that the wall was half the size. My idea then was to let people take what they liked and have pens around, so that they could add their own thoughts to the empty notes. Now it became too big, the notes are too far up for people to write on unfortunately.”

An art piece by Sixten – I truly dig the use of Post-Its on the wings that so effortless and cleverly brought out the art piece – illustrating in one go the sheer amount of mundane office paperwork, and yet the physical form of those Post-Its also form up nicely as ‘feathers’ in the wing. And for those who watch Heroes, does this remind you of the artist in it?

The artist has a jaw-dropping portfolio of diverse ranges of artwork right here – you’d be impressed!

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