Sony Bravia Bunnies

An ad that people eagerly discuss when you’re in the process of making it; an ad that people speculate and wonder about before it even screens; an ad that turns into an almost cultish following; an ad that is cinematographically excellent and inspiring.

Personally I hope that advertisements in the future are more like these Sony Bravia series – rather than brainstorming on how else to push your advertisement agenda – strive to create unique, interesting and memorable ones like these. If you have people eagerly waiting and wanting to watch your ad (not to mention evangelizing your ad for free, like what I’m doing now), you can’t be wrong.

The Sony Bravia ‘Color – like no other series’ have just released the latest installment to eager fans (it’s quite weird, and yet refreshing, to have fans of advertisements aye? Usually these terms are more for epic movies). Bunnies hopping around the New York City. Watch it!

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