40th Tokyo Show – Concept Cars


You’ve probably have seen bits and pieces about some of these cars floating about online over the past weeks or so – they are all participants for the 40th Tokyo Motor Show that wasa held from Oct 26 to Nov 11. From the very expressive Mazda Taiki (first picture) with all its 3d-twisting-and-flowing lines, to the Pacman-monster lookalike Honda PUYO (that is actually my favorite) that explores a soft body rather than the typical metallic panels, this is how car makers get creative and hopefully some elements from these explorations would make it to mass-production.

Most of these concepts fall within the small or mini-car segment. Japanese have a tradition for small cars, as they mostly use cars within cities (what with its narrow streets and very limited parking space), preferring to take the high-speed trains for longer journeys.

Fun-On has more descriptions for each concept (as well as some others that I didn’t feature here).

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