Studio Manzano – Phone Tablet


That’s Studio Manzano’s Phone Tablet – from the looks of it, it’s probably a powder-coated bent-metal piece – a shelf for your mobiles or electronic gadgets.

The detail that really stands out is the cut-out in the center, which are slots for the wires and adaptors to pass through. This is also the part of the design that I really liked – while it serves its functional purpose, it’s also very neatly and poetically integrated into the shelf. I especially prefer the this version below:


The color of the finishing feels a tad more sophisticated than the white one, and the cut also looks very elegant – is that a tree blossoming, or could it be a subtle reference to coat hangers, or even a subtle hint at circuit board connections?


If you look at the front view, you’d also discover that there are hooks formed out of the sheet metal for you to hang your bags. This, however, didn’t appeal to me: the angular cut felt a bit too brutal – almost like a CAD model with too low polygon count – that I thought did not fit well with the rest of the aesthetics.


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