7-9year-olds designs their Laptops


How would laptops look like, if kids (from 7-9 year olds) were at the helm? Some kids in North Carolina shows their vision and design of laptops – and reveals traces of what goes on in their world. Here’s a great interview/article from The Morning News about ‘The Laptop Club’, which was started by a bunch of second and third-graders. They crafted out their visions of laptops, which often included dedicated buttons to what is important to them – often friends, imaginary pets, games and online clubs. You could see how the laptop is very much really a projection of the kid’s worlds. And the speed in which they absorb and learn about the world is truly astounding as well.

Here’s an excerpt of an interview with one of them:

Name: Mandy
Age: 8
How often do you use a computer? Five times a week.
What do you like to do when you’re using a computer? Play games and write stories and poems.
What will computers look like in the future? Well you see, if we had whole days to work on it, and bigger paper, I think we could make it way more detailed.
Who is better at using a computer, you or your parents? Games + me = good. Parents + trying = bad. I am better at using games and if you guys try them, you get crushed.
[ After being told this interview would be published on the internet ] “I’m going to be popular! I should make a blog button, right now.”

Wow to the ‘blog button’ comment – it really crystallizes how in-tuned they are with the online developments!

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