MUJI Award 02 Ceremony


That is the MUJI Yurakucho, MUJI’s 3-storey flagship store in Tokyo. Practically all of MUJI’s wares are on display here, ranging from furniture, apparel, electronic/electrical appliances to household and lifestyle products.


For this ceremony, they have converted the usual MealMUJI (a restaurant within the store) to the grounds for the awards ceremony. Pictured above are some of the winners of this year’s competition, with the Gold Award winner (the towel) on the table.


More explanation and prototypes.


Luminary judges giving their comments about the challenges of the MUJI design competition, the quality of entries and what really is MUJI about (Pictured above: Masaaki Kanai, Takashi Sugimoto, Kenya Hara and Naoto Fukasawa).


At the end of it all, they also brought us to a great Japanese restaurant.

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