Instant Table


Here’s a pretty interesting design of a table that was designed explicitly and specifically for use at a construction site. The details in the design show. Made of rugged nylon, the fabric ‘bag’ transforms into a table when you open it up and sliding two standard pieces of plywood into it sleeves. You just hang the whole station onto two nails on the wall – a quick work for the folks at construction site – certainly much quicker than building (and later dismantling) a proper temporary table. The hanging rings are 48inches apart, so it fits nicely onto the ribs in the standard 16″ wall-stud system.

While the meshes hold various documents, there’s even some thoughtful bands for holding up rolls of blueprint at the corner. There’s also a power-cord outlet at the far corner of the table, allowing cables to be plugged for laptops etc.

As the blog ‘unpressable buttons‘ say – “Products intended for a wide range of users and uses often suffer from attempting too much versatility – it’s tough to be everything to everyone. But something which is this focused on being exactly the right thing for one specific use and user stands a pretty good chance of doing it!

You can find this on Amazon here.

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