NOKIA Remade – Sexy Sustainable Phone


When I first saw the picture of this Nokia mobile phone I thought – “Wow, that look really sleek! A nice, simple and yet certainly stylish phone – is it yet another venture into their premium metal-casing series?” Reality isn’t always skin deep – and in this case, it was certainly a greater pleasure once I discovered the idea behind.

This is a concept phone where Nokia explores the idea of sustainability – certainly a very pertinent issue in a billion-unit-a-year industry:

We drew on a simple insight that in the not too distant future humanity will have extracted and worked much of the valuable minerals once buried in planet Earth. We will be compelled to reuse and celebrate what is essentially “above ground”. Thus we explored the use of reclaimed and upcycled materials that could ultimately change the way we make things.

In remade, recycled materials from metal cans, plastic bottles, and car tires are used beautifully; whilst helping reduce landfill and preserving natural resources. The concept also addresses cleaner engine technologies, and energy efficiency through power saving graphics.

I’m always irked by the common misconception that green products are a compromise to ‘the real thing’, a sacrifice or a trade-off one makes. And I’m glad this exploration shows that sustainable can be really appealing – this phone is certainly sexier than many on the market right now.

Here’s their little promo video:


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