Biggest Drawing in the World


Erik Nordenankar had an interesting idea – to draw the biggest drawing in the world using nothing but a suitcase of GPS tracking device and the ever reliable DHL:

[On] the 17th of March 2008, I sent away a briefcase containing a GPS device with the express transportation company DHL. I gave them exact travel instructions, where to go and in what order. 55 days later the briefcase returned to Stockholm. The GPS automatically recorded the briefcases’s journey around the world. The  information  was downloaded to my computer and gave me my drawing. Due to the GPS drawing technique and the magnitude of the drawing, the self portrait had to be made in only one stroke. That giant stroke passed through 6 continents and 62 countries, thus becoming 110664km long.

And here’s the device he sent on voyage:


Can’t make it look more like a ticking briefcase bomb, can you?

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