Funny Street Theatre

The Natural Theatre in the UK has a ‘Street Theatre’ section that I thought was pretty cool:

We don’t perform ‘a show’ but rather people an area with immaculately turned-out, visually striking characters acting out a scenario. Often we are unannounced and at first might blend with the surroundings and passers-by. Gradually our eccentric behaviour becomes noticed and onlookers start pointing and laughing. Eventually the whole street comes to a standstill and the onlookers become willing participants.

It’s a bit like Improv Everywhere, though Improv tends to involve high numbers of volunteer amateurs while this Street Theatre are a few professional actors dressed up playing interesting (and often very weird or out-of-this-world) characters in an attempt at spontaneous guerilla drama. Check out some of their very creative scenes:


Striding in strict formation, these serious looking gentlemen stop in mid-step and freeze for up to five minutes. A crowd gathers to investigate. Suddenly, the freeze is broken with a blood-curdling primal scream. They then continue their progress, repeating the exercise. People love to follow them to watch the reaction of the next unsuspecting audience.


Pointy-Headed Aliens
Pointy-headed aliens equipped with the wrong information about Earth, and naively puzzled by the reaction of Earthlings. A traffic-stopping scenario.


Grey People
Strange, sad, monochrome people creating wistful tableaux as they move slowly and silently down the street. A haunting moment in a busy day.

[Natural Theatre website]

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