VW Golf Design Sketches




Car Body Design has a great article/interview with the designers behind the VW Golf –  definitely one of the icons in Volkswagen portfolio. See how they explain the evolution of the Golf from its earlier incarnations to the present design, playing the balance between blending new changes and updating its image:

In the process, Walter de Silva, Flavio Manzoni (Group director for creative design) and Klaus Bischoff, (design chief for the Volkswagen brand), have not jettisoned the powerful design details of days past.

On the contrary: “We have assembled a selection of core elements, which can be described as ‘historical DNA’.

“Successful new Volkswagen designs – such as the one now realized on the Golf – will take on this DNA to create both a familiar impression and yet new feeling in the eye of the beholder”, says Walter de Silva.

Full article here.

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