Transformer comes to Strollers

Strollers have come a long way in terms of baby care. It was once exclusive and expensive, and only the upper echelons of the society could strut their babies around on wheels. Today though, strollers are almost a necessity for every mom, and we’ve also seen innovations that tries to make it simpler to use – to push, to store, to keep the baby safe.

4Moms demonstrated the above stroller – ‘Origami’ – recently at a show, featuring a Transformer-like automatic folding, which simply takes the sweat out of this process (parents will know how frequently they’d have to do this). A one-button push initiates the sequence – and the stroller detects whether a baby’s still in the stroller before morphing. The battery is also rechargeable (about 300 feet of pushing will give you the power for 1 fold). You can also find it on Amazon .

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