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The Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore in 2008 was the first of the republic – it was also the first time it took place at night. I’ve always been partial to street circuits as I feel they give a raw and yet romantic sense of speed – perhaps something that is easier to relate to for the average fan.

Anyway, it was a magnificent night with the flood lights gracing the track with the Singapore downtown skyline as a backdrop. Most Singaporeans probably haven’t watched a single F1 race in their lives (“too boring!”) – but last weekend droves turned up to check it out and I’m sure many have found new appreciation in the sport. I was down near the track too as the cars zipped around on practice days – and certainly for me it felt quite a bit different from what I’ve seen: the noise, the smell and the sense of proximity (that the cars aren’t just doing overhyped roundabouts in some circuits far away) gave me a different perception of the sports.

As seen from the examples above, seems to be getting into a habit of amassing great events-reportage pictures (see their Olympics coverage too).

[Full set of Singapore F1 Grand Prix pictures from]

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