Body Motion Signature


As if there aren’t already enough biometric identification information – from the basic fingerprint, to iris scan, voice and speech patterns, etc. – experts are developing a new way of identifying people – by their unique body motions:

Titled the Green Dot Project:

To identify who is in the video, the computer first looks for movement in the scene. Green dots indicate motion. As the video plays, and the computer collects motion data, it can eventually isolate and identify the human. The moving bar chart shows a comparison of the motion signatures of Senator Obama, Senator McCain, and President Bush as the computer is collecting data.   The blue bar represents “Obama-ness”. Red represents “McCain-ness”. White represents “Bush-ness”. By the end of these short clips, the computer can tell us which person is in each video. You can choose to listen to the audio, but the computer uses only movement data to detect the body signature.

Check it out!

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