MusicBox – Visual Playlist

Perhaps this is how music playlists should’ve been all along – visual and much more spontaneous and interactive in how you’d listen to and choose songs, created by MIT lab’s Anita Lillie (as part of her master thesis):

My Master’s thesis is focused on the problem of finding music you like, both inside your own collection (to match a particular mood, for example), or outside of your own collection. I don’t like the hugely text-dependent ways of searching for music in traditional media players like iTunes and Windows Media Player. My thesis work will depart from that interface, and will present your music collection in a space, organized by similarity. I will be calculating similarity both from audio features (straight from the audio signal) and textual descriptions (gathered from tags on the web).

It’s also great that she’s decided to share it out openly and early – hopefully this’d turn into a mature (free and open?) software soon too – I’d certainly dig this over iTunes and Windows Media Player.

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