Top 10 Copycat cars

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I’ve gathered 10 cases of ultimate flattery in autos here, where the industrial design of one is blatantly copied onto another. Here you go, the showdown of the look-alike cars (and a bus):

1. Daewoo Matiz vs Chery QQ

This one was so extreme, some parts of one car fit into the other (e.g. door panel, bonnet etc).


2. Vauxhall Frontera vs Landwind


3. Honda CRV vs Laibao SRV

Check out the semi-Audi front logo too!


4. Mercedes C vs Geely Merrie 300

The Geely was shown in an auto exhibition. I don’t think it was eventually produced looking like this though.


5. Neoplan Starliner vs Zonda A9


6. Rolls-Royce Phantom vs Hongqi HQD


7. Smart vs er. Chinese Smart


8. Toyota Prado vs Dadi Shuttle


9. Nissan XTrail vs Greatwall Sing


10. BMW 7 vs BYD F6

For this, the copying is not so drastic except the lights, but it does get brownie points for imitating the badge as well.



11. Bonus! Toyota Logo vs Geely Logo


Toyota sued and won though.

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2 Responses to Top 10 Copycat cars

  1. KWAME OWUSU says:

    well done china. copying is a way of moving forward,
    Americans copied Europeans to be what is it now

  2. Eugene says:

    These people…

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