Greg Kennedy – Juggling in a Cone

Juggling – well someone throws stuff up the air, catches them again, and again, and again. Most of the time it’s the same old same old: the variations are usually either in the props used (clubs, balls, knifes, etc.), as the spectators become more awed as the number of props increase. But there’s little surprise. So how do you break out of this mold?

The answer by Greg Kennedy was simple – make a mold and put yourself in it! He ‘juggles’ inside an transparent, inverted cone in the video above. In other routines, he also juggles with other geometrical shapes – perhaps inspired by his background as a professional engineer. He’d really need to spice up his performance with some cool music though. Right now, it’s just monotonous, hypnotic sound from the rolling of the balls that sounds more like someone blowing directly into the microphone.

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