Wind Turbines at Sea


Wind power is fascinating – it promises to deliver clean, renewable energy, except that everybody wants to have it at someone else’s backyard. I don’t quite get it though – I always thought wind turbines are such elegant, beautiful structures – I really don’t mind having one in my backyard, or the rooftop. But of course, there are people who see them as ‘eyesores. The sea thus become a likely solution – moreover, the average wind speeds on sea are higher than land.

The seas aren’t always nice though – while the elegant wind turbines may seem dainty in the face of the open sea, some scale and perspectives could probably help visualize the scheme of things:


It is HUGE!

But still, I really like the imagery in the first picture – it reminds me of palm groves in an oasis – except that instead of a desert, this vast openness is filled with water rather than sand.

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