Samsung Concept PC

These are some concept PCs released by the Samsung Design team – apparently there weren’t any accompany explanation materials around it… perhaps I’d just venture my own speculation/interpretation to the intentions behind these designs:


Perhaps the central core and base houses the hardware, while the nuclear-smokestack looking part actually projects the screen onto a wall or something?


Probably something more like a Media Center? Interesting pull string switch (?) though.


A more conventional keyboard, with an interesting lap-table like design. Could the balls be programs that you’re running? When you place them into the recess, it loads the programs that are stored in the balls (you better not live in a shaky place though).

Overall, even though I don’t quite understand these designs – just from the looks of it it is a refreshing take on the age-old beige-box. Ha ha, maybe Samsung should try and enter a Next Generation PC Design Competition…

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