Are you charging enough (freelancing)?

Well this is just too funny to miss – for those of you who do a bit of freelance work, here’s a (hopefully whimsical rather than serious) check on whether you’ve been charging enough. Ten signs that you may not be charging enough:

1. Your client mistakes your daily rate for an hourly one.
2. You’ve won every job you’ve ever pitched for.
3. Even though you work 80 hour weeks your income level qualifies you for welfare payments.
4. New clients are always asking what “the catch” is.
5. Clients pay your invoices in cash from their wallet.
6. Other freelancers regularly send you hatemail.
7. Your old clients don’t even bother asking you how much something is going to cost.
8. You never run out of work, yet you are subsisting on baked beans and 2 minute noodles.
9. Your 12 year old brother earns more spending cash than you flipping burgers.
10.Companies have been calling from India wanting to outsource their work to you.

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