Pimp My Satellite Dish


There aren’t too many details from the Times newspaper article, but I’m loving this make-over of the satellite dish to give a bright dash of fun and joy to an otherwise drab urban flat. By Dutch artist Peter doeswijk.

Incidentally, the hooks you see are for lifting heavy furniture up into houses through the balconies, as the stairwells are too narrow to fit them.

[Edit (Thanks Martien): “The artist’s name is Peter Doeswijk. The drawings were actually made by children. In this specific part of Amsterdam live a lot of foreigners. They use the satellite dishes to receive the broadcasts from their country of origin. Doeswijk printed the drawings on stickers which he put on the dishes. The stickers will stay on for a couple of months. The project gained a lot of positive response and publicity and the artist is considering making a business out of it.“]


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