Trunki – Luggage for Tots


Bringing the little ones on travel can really be a hair-pulling experience: while dealing with the patience-testing waits, delays, searches and security measures, you might have to soothe and pacify your kids’ (potential) tantrums, boredom and tiredness.

Trunki aims to help alleviate some of those pain: brightly colored, attractive luggage that kids can play around, sit on – basically find their own amusements within the airport. We all know how imaginative they can be – is that your little tot thinking of himself as a chivalrous prince? There’s even a long strap in which you can pull your kids as they ride on their luggage. Furthermore, it’s of a hand-luggage size, so the fun can continue all the way to boarding (hopefully, not so much on the plane itself though).

It’s a great idea really – turning a source of frustration into a source of enjoyment and fun! And there’s a nice story of determination and entrepreneurship behind this too. The inventor, Rob Law, went on the reality VC-funding show in Britain known as Dragon’s Den, hoping to get 100,000 pounds in exchange for 10% of the company as start up funding. In the show though, the judges unanimously condemned this saying that there was no market, that it was worthless, etc.

After the show aired, however, parents and viewers from everywhere went on Rob’s website to say how great the Trunki would be. So Rob’s having the last laugh, the Trunkis are selling very well, while the company he 100% owns grew beyond 1 million pounds in worth.

Well done!


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