Liquid Sculpture

Here’s a nice coverage of an interesting ferrofluid art by Sachiko Kodama:

While most visual artists prefer traditional materials such as oil, acrylic, bronze and ceramic, Tokyo-based SACHIKO KODAMA prefers FERROFLUIDS. Composed of magnetic nanoparticles, ferrofluids often contain high levels of iron and, as such, are deeply affected by and responsive to the presence of magnetic fields.

While the NASA-developed ferrofluids are being used  increasingly for commercial applications – on everything from compact disks to weight-responsive car suspension systems – Kodama is revolutionary in applying their widely dynamic qualities to the fine arts arena.

Using a computer to manipulate electro-magnetic fields in the sculptures, Kodama coerces her stunning ferrfluid pieces to grow and disintegrate, flower and shed, and constantly reinvent themselves without the aid of animatronics or video wizardry.

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