Wedding Magic

Recently there’s been a flurry of weddings and invitations – something along the combination of friends around my age getting hitched, and auspicious dates/months/years. For those who are thinking of getting married, here’s a video to either stress you (if you’re a guy), or to lift  you to dreamy romantic imagination (if you’re a girl):

I thought it was a relatively simple proposal, but apparently he has more magic up his sleeves than Mickey.

Fight for Kisses

I think… with the developments of Youtube, viral marketing and such, marketers have upped their antes in an attempt to out-weird one another – the ad above for a shaver is probably just yet another example of the absurdity (and yet hilarity and memorability) in the years to come.

Nothing to Hide (Air New Zealand)

At first it looks just like any normal in-flight safety briefing video, perhaps just a little cheerier and more upbeat than usual. If you look closer, however, you’d realize that all the crews doing the briefing are… naked!

Fear not of indecent bits though – while they’re naked, they’re body painted with their usual uniform to still look very much un-naked; and of course, all their camera takes are cleverly angled and timed to avoid any sensitive exposure.

And why go through all these? The airline behind it – Air New Zealand – is promoting their tagline of having “Nothing to hide” (no hidden charges for checked baggage, refreshments, etc.). I suppose this somewhat gimmicky video just about captures this spirit and eyeballs!

(PS: the guy loading the baggage in the video is actually the CEO Rob Fyfe – I don’t suppose many CEOs have this sense of fun and involvement with their company!)

Hiding Pregnancy on TV

Writers for TV shows or movies often need to blend real-life events/changes to the actors/actresses into the script – for example, when a character’s actor has died in real life, or when they’ve suddenly stopped acting for one reason or another, where the writer has to invent a plausible reason for the absence;

In this case, the ‘problem’ was pregnancy. The lead actresses (2 of them!) on How I Met Your Mother got pregnant, and the crew has to find funny and yet ingenious camera angles and props to help conceal the fact. Quite cute, isn’t it:


The interventions ranged from loose clothing, scarves, strategically-placed props, you name it!

More pictures from Darren Barefoot.

Diving in Football

For those of us who watch football (soccer) we’d probably be very familiar with antics known as “diving” (in the context of football (soccer) is an attempt by a player to gain an unfair advantage by diving to the ground and possibly simulating an injury, to appear as if a foul has been committed. Dives are often used to exaggerate the amount of contact present in a challenge.)

Just found this video to be quite amusing – shows how the seemingly inexplicable, spontaneous fall to the ground could perhaps be explained by a sly sniper:

The Honest Scammer

We’ve all become quite acquainted with the Nigerian scammers – attempting to cheat naive people into wiring money over to some dubious overseas account in exchange for the hope of some grand sum of inheritance, business, etc.

But this “Mr. Robert Dutu” gotta be one of those with (at least the appearance of) some honesty – even while he attempts to scam:


This is just a part of the conversation -check out  the full transcript: it includes gems such as

Mr. Robert Dutu says: and i know my God will forgive because i pray to him to replenish the pockets of my clients with double of whatever they loss

It’s quite funny to see the intelligent conversation even as Mr Dutu still attempts to get Mike to wire money over, despite knowing that he’s not a most-likely prey. Can we say, professionalism?