Wedding Magic

Recently there’s been a flurry of weddings and invitations – something along the combination of friends around my age getting hitched, and auspicious dates/months/years. For those who are thinking of getting married, here’s a video to either stress you (if you’re a guy), or to lift  you to dreamy romantic imagination (if you’re a girl):

I thought it was a relatively simple proposal, but apparently he has more magic up his sleeves than Mickey.

NASA: A case for the Moon

NASA’s internal Powerpoint presentation style was critiqued by Edward Tufte who had even apportioned some responsibility to poorly structured/presented information in Powerpoint for the Columbia crash. Powerpoints like those are certainly not easy (at least for the layman) to read and understand – perhaps those decks really needed rocket scientists to decipher.

A rare gem coming off NASA is this presentation pressing for Moon exploration, though:


In the 100+ slides, “Why the Moon?” compares lunar exploration to the expedition to Antartica last century, drawing a case for continued exploration on the moon. Quite an interesting and inspiring read – PDF though.

The Inside Light


Cinco Design had done a rather intriguing project. The premise is this – inside every designer/creative is a guiding light that shapes our vision and fuel our creativity. So they asked a bunch of people to boil it down to one word, make a light box of it, and take a photo showing the reflection of the word on the person – they even have a making-of:



And here’s the interactive e-Magazine from the result of the shoot – TheInsideLight.

Days with My Father – Philip Toledano


The portrait photos are great, the navigation style is interesting – but I feel shallow if I just commented on the design of Philip Toledano’s site about his interaction with his dad (age ninety-eight) who has no short term memory. It is an ongoing chronicle – do head on and be touched.

(Move your mouse to the bottom right corner for the next picture; towards the left of the screen for the ‘overview’).

Philip Toledano – Days with My Father

Design Posters for Designers!

Frank Chimero is a talented graphic designer from Missouri, with a particular knack (as far as I see) blending wholesome goodness and bits of humor into nostalgic designs. This post features one of his series ‘Inspirational Design Posters’:

I decided to embark on creating some “inspirational” posters aimed specifically at designers. The topics range from various truisms I’ve discovered about the field in the past few years to snarky tongue-in-cheek comments. I think we designers spend an awful lot of time talking to ourselves, and I consider this my contribution to the monologue.

I quite like how most of his posters are simple and well-proportioned juxtaposition of just a few elements – and there’s no harm having these to inspire you.

Creative Profession


Ignore People




Big Ideas




Proposed Creative Workflow


Making Design


That Idea




Life is Fun


Concerned with People


Human Being



Frank Chimero web site.